Whilst at a low point in my life, I met with Dean.  Straight away he was great at creating a relaxed and positive atmosphere which enabled and encouraged me to feel that I could talk freely and in confidence about how I was feeling mentally and emotionally, and about who or what I believed to be the cause.  Dean helped me to reassess and re-evaluate many aspects and events relating to my past, while focusing more strongly on many positive aspects I was currently unable to or unwilling to recognise.  In this way, he has helped me to manage the changes in my life in a more positive and healthy way.  I would not hesitate to recommend Dean to family, friends or colleagues.

Katherine, Adult Eduction Teacher

​​​If you're a new client a free session is available.

Consider the time and resources spent on things that make you feel better about yourself, when you know that the key to satisfaction lays in being genuinely happy with who you are.  It makes every sense therefore to devote time and resources towards understanding yourself, and working towards becoming the version of yourself that you really want to be.

Traditionally life coaches help others understand how to meet personal and professional goals, including relationships.  My approach includes helping you not only understand yourself, but also how to identify, unlock and maximise your potential.  Working together you’ll learn how much control you can have in any situation, I’ll also help you understand how to get out of your own way.  This may seem like an odd thing to read, but it’s useful to recognise that most people regularly make obstructive assumptions that impede their own progress and success.

Personal development requires an honest and objective process of self-evaluation.  You’ll gain knowledge, and I’ll support you and help set realistic and achievable goals that focus on development of your personal characteristics.  These can include building your confidence, self-esteem, communication, intelligence and emotional maturity.  Your goals can also include improving existing skills and developing new ones.

It doesn’t matter what your background, intelligence or education level is.  You’ll find me warm, positive and easy to talk to.  From the start you can expect me to empathise, listen, and act non-judgmentally.  It’s important to me you have the opportunity recognise my unconditional positive regard at no cost to yourself.  I therefore offer a free familiarisation session which will last 45 minutes via phone or Skype.  It’s an opportunity for us to get to know each other and for you recognise my genuine desire to help you.


Full sessions are usually delivered via phone or Skype, face to face sessions are also available within accessible geographic locations.

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