A friendship is defined as a bond with another person based on mutual affection, exclusive of sexual or Family relationships.  Good friendships have many foundations, including common interests and values, shared history and equality.  The need to form friendships is a primary driver for us all; people who report having positive friendships are generally happier and feel better about themselves.  A good friend is committed to your happiness and well-being, is a positive influence, and does not ask you to compromise your principles.


Research has found there is an instinct for individuals to be drawn to others they perceive as being similar to themselves.  The term for this is homophily, which recognises an instinctive drive to form bonds with others who mirror and reinforce, but not necessarily challenge our core beliefs.


As naturally social creatures our friendships are highly important to us, therefore an understanding of how to improve them is something to be greatly desired.  More fulfilling friendships can be achieved as a result of improved confidence, developed communication skills, and a better understanding of human behaviour.


By working together I will help you make sense of what you are seeking, identifying obstacles, and evaluating the steps needed in order for you to maximise the potential of these types of relationships.  As an inspirer, motivator and strategist I will guide and support you through the end to end process.

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