Incidental relationships

Incidental relationships are those that don’t fall into the categories of Romantic, Family, Friendship or Work-based.  The term encapsulates the many daily exchanges you have whenever you leave your home, and engage with various people during your day, some familiar and others not.  These are usually short to medium-term in length and include, for example, shop assistants or waiters.  They may also include nursing staff in a care home or a builder working on your house.


Although not much thought is generally given to these types of relationships, those with developed communication and relationship skills are able to turn such interactions to their advantage. 

By working together I will help you make sense of what you are seeking, identifying obstacles, and evaluating the steps needed in order for you to maximise the potential of these types of relationships.  As an inspirer, motivator and strategist I will guide and support you through the end to end process.

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