Romantic relationships

A romantic relationship can be defined as two people having an emotional attachment combined with physical attraction.  Initially, romantic relationships are usually driven by passion and attraction, which then leads to love and commitment.  These later factors help the relationship evolve and grow, as a result of a deepening emotional connection.


There are many benefits to healthy romantic relationships, some practical, and others psychological.  Practical benefits can include sharing financial commitments and jobs around the home; they also include health benefits.  Research shows that happy and committed couples tend to live longer, healthier lives.  Non practical benefits can include emotional support, having someone to confide in, increased confidence, and a sense of belonging and security.  Healthy romantic relationships can also result in positive change, as the different aspects of personalities rub off on each other.


We spend considerable time and energy pursuing romantic relationships, so an understanding of how to improve them is something to be greatly desired.  A more fulfilled private-life can be achieved as a result of improved confidence, developed communication skills, and a better understanding of human behaviour.


By working together I will help you make sense of what you are seeking, identifying obstacles, and evaluating the steps needed in order for you to maximise the potential of these types of relationships.  As an inspirer, motivator and strategist I will guide and support you through the end to end process.

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