Dean was an enormous help to me when I suffered post-traumatic stress and anxiety after the difficult birth of my baby 2 years ago.  So much more than simply having ‘someone to listen’, he taught me coping mechanisms and calming techniques, and really explained why I was feeling the way I was.  His qualifications in psychology and understanding of the way the brain works were obvious to me in the help he gave me, and I really feel like he helped me to re-wire my brain and think positively.  I'd recommend him to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life.

Sarah, Fashion Consultant


Like a lot of guys getting back into dating after a long term relationship, I found the process confusing, nerve-wracking and sometimes surprisingly difficult.  Dean was able to listen sympathetically, identify where I was going wrong and set out some positive steps to get me back on the right path.  Thanks to his guidance and advice, I was able to work through a number of 'road blocks'.  My dating life these days is far smoother and relationships are much calmer and more rewarding.  Dean has given me a wonderful gift which is also paying dividends in other areas too, helping me to improve the quality of my life overall, thank you Dean.

Paul, Senior Procurement Specialist


Dean is always there to listen without judgement and has the ability to ask questions in such a way that he guides my thoughts to their own conclusions without me even realising.


Alice, Senior Government Official


Whilst at a low point in my life, I met with Dean. Straight away he was great at creating a relaxed and positive atmosphere which enabled and encouraged me to feel that I could talk freely and in confidence about how I was feeling mentally and emotionally, and about who or what I believed to be the cause.  Dean helped me to reassess and re-evaluate many aspects and events relating to my past, while focusing more strongly on many positive aspects I was currently unable to or unwilling to recognise.  In this way, he has helped me to manage the changes in my life in a more positive and healthy way.  I would not hesitate to recommend Dean to family, friends or colleagues.

Katherine, Adult Education Teacher



Dean was very perceptive in his advice and able to easily analyse situations. He was able to quickly build rapport and make us feel comfortable and like we had a safe space to share.

Phillip, Project Manager


Particularly relevant was the time taken discussing the ‘overnight manager’ – really useful for those who have been promoted from within the group.

David, Team Leader


Dean is personable and is good at recognising what individuals are good at/not so good at - this allows him to work 1-2-1 with someone whilst advising the group at the same time – I learnt a lot whilst he did this.

Samantha, Team Leader


We found the advice given on ‘difficult’ conversations helpful.

Owen, Team Leader


Group feedback from Victim Support

  • It was helpful to hear specific difficult situations being discussed, and it’s clear that Dean is very good at understanding people's personalities and how to get the best out of them


  • I thought the training was really helpful in giving scenarios to practice for difficult conversations – I felt that discussing actual scenarios and good courses of action for each scenario was a much more helpful way of talking about difficult conversations than talking about it all in theory


  • I think roleplaying these situations was helpful and needed, but I felt a bit conscious doing them with the rest of the room watching – I would have been more comfortable doing it in pairs/groups etc. rather than individually in front of the rest of the team


  • The concentration on actual incidents / themes that were used for role-play were extremely useful as they were very specific to the business itself, and the situations we frequently deal with in the NCC


  • Learning together, and feeling the benefit of experience of all the senior members was great – very rarely we have the opportunity to do this in a confidential environment


  • Good to have such a light-hearted session – good to be able to see the humour in what is sometimes quite a difficult topic


  • Dean is clearly very experienced in some quite diverse fields, and is quickly able to answer questions with situations and people he has been involved in, which gives a good deal of weight to his suggested solutions


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